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Here is a brief update/report from Bleeding Cool about the status of the future Daredevil movie that was expected to be coming from fox studios sometime in the future.

Word is that Marvel and Disney have refused to give Fox an extension on their deal and will reclaim the Daredevil character this October.

While I was wondering what last ditch play Fox might make in an attempt to hold onto the rights, Variety don’t believe that they have one. Most of their report seems to stand Joe Carnahan’s tweets from a day or two back, but they do also cite “sources with knowledge of the situation.” It’s the trades’ access to those who can take the temperature from the inside that makes this a plausible report, I think.

What Marvel go on to do with Daredevil is anybody’s guess. They have already regained the rights to The Punisher from Lionsgate but don’t seem to be making any moves on new projects with him.

Perhaps getting another “street level” character in the bag will encourage them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their “big city” strand come to light before long, crossing Daredevil with The Punisher, maybe Luke Cage, Iron Fist or even Moon Knight. W e’ll see.