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Fanboy Dissection: Iron Man 3

It is pretty much a given that any time Marvel movie fans are offered a new teaser trailer for one of the upcoming movies, they will take the time to dissect it frame-by-frame. Yep, no matter how brief a clip is released, there will be those who take it apart to somehow glean a deeper understanding of what to expect from the film down the road. The latest film trailer to receive this treatment is the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie coming out next May.

First, here is the teaser trailer for it.

Okay, so it wasn’t long before we got media sites like Bleeding Cool, etc, really breaking it apart to tell us such ‘crucial’ stuff like:

what time of year it is taking place during (Winter/Christmastime)

whether Tony stark is wearing the armor or it is an empty suit (he’s wearing it in some shots but maybe not in others)

that Stark is using some new ability to link up his armor to him remotely (likely from the Extremis storyline from the comic book)

that one scene even shows a telescope in Stark’s bedroom as apossible tip of the hat to any future Cosmic Marvel movies

that Tony might be controlling his armor even unconsciously when he is asleep

that War Machine gets all painted up to look like the Iron Patriot from the Dark Avengers comic series

It really is quite impressive just how far Marvel fans are willing to go to break down and dissect some video footage when it concerns the characters that they know and love.