An upcoming Marvel movies blog gets a fresh start (again)

Yes, this is the first post on this new blog, however the road to getting this up and running has been a long one at least a couple of years in
the making. Back in 2008 I was just getting wrapped up in all of the positive buzz generated by some successful self-produced Marvel movie projects, namely the first Iron Man movie and the Incredible Hulk movie that starred Ed Norton. I was also just starting to get into this whole blogging thing and thought that it might be fun to churn out a small blog on the subject of the upcoming Marvel movies, such as Thor, Captain America and The Avengers. At the time I had discovered the free BLogger/Blogspot blogging platform and decided to try it out. At first I actually thought that maybe I could manage to put up blogs dedicated to each and every Marvel character that had a movie in the works. Boy, was I dreaming. It’s one thing to think positive about your own discipline and abilities, it is quite another to actually follow through on such a concept for any real period of time.

The only blog that got off the ground and that I seemed at all interested in maintaining was the one that I had dedicated to coverage of the upcoming Captain America movie (The First Avenger: Captain America); That blog had a lifespan of about two years. It is still around, still ranks well on Google for its subjet matter and can still be visited at the url:

I really enjoyed the time spent putting out that little vanity project and am happy to think that it still gets visitors everyday. The reason I left that site behind was because I had decided that I cared about all of the upcoming marvel movies and wanted to have the freedom to discuss any future marvel movie that I might feel an urge to blog about. The Captain America Movie Update didn’t feel like the right place to talk about thor or Iron Man or whoever and so I decided to move on to the first incarnation of this here blog, the Marvel Movies Zombie Patrol. Of course at the time I was still happy to keep on using Blogger and had not yet chosen the zombie title, so that blog was located at the url:

Yep, I first planned to call this blog the Upcoming Marvel Movies Blog, but pretty quickly realized that that was not the most original or inspiring of names to go with for the site. Soon enough I renamed it the Marvel Movie Zombie Patrol, to make clear that it was a site maintained by someone who considered himself to be something of a Marvel (movies) zombie at heart. I am also a fan of the original Marvel Zombies miniseries, but that was mostly an coincidental reference. Of course I obviously moved on since you are here reading this and ‘this’ is obviously not a blogger site. To be honest, the main motivator behind moving on again after only briefly having been at the other marvel zombies site was one of personal preference – maybe even some snobbery. I had gotten to the point where I started to feel some slight concern about the possibilities of any site of mine ever being accidentally deleted or lost, since there is not really much obligation on the part of the site owners (in this case the mighty Google) to recover and restore a free site in the event that it should ever be accidentally (or otherwise) deleted or otherwise lost to the internet. This concern, coupled with my slowly evolving appreciation for WordPress, led me to the decision that it was time for one more jump, this time from free blog to self- hosted blog – well as self-hosted as a shared hosting account with Hostgator allows you to be, anyway.

The last time I launched this blog (boy that sounds weird) I chose to include the humorous, “Re-animated” Marvel Zombies videos that have been recently making the rounds on the internet, and well, I thought it might be apropos to do so again. So here we go (again). I am pretty sure that this is the last jump that I will be making with any incarnation of this blog. Honest.

Okay, I think that should cover everything (again). Enjoy the videos!


Dedicated to upcoming Marvel Movies!