Some thoughts on Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil series


Last October Marvel ended the speculation of who exactly Rosario Dawson will be playing in the upcoming Netflix Daredevil series this Spring. It was announced that Dawson will not be playing the character of Elektra (who many speculated she would be cast as) and will instead be playing a character named Claire Temple. The character does have a history in Marvel comics and was originally a love interest for Luke Cage/Power Man wayyy back during the days of his 1970’s Hero For Hire series. Temple was originally a nurse and then later trained to become a medical Doctor. In the series it was also established that Temple had previously been married to Bill Foster (also known in the comics as Goliath). However, it appears that Marvel has decided to depart somewhat from the comicbook history of the character by hinting at the fact that Temple will possibly be known on the show as the Night Nurse. The Night Nurse of course is a character seen from time to time helping masked heroes in need of urgent medical attention in the Marvel comic Universe. Night Nurse was originally someone else in the comicbooks (Linda Carter) and has been around since at least the early Seventies.

Now for some thoughts on the above announcement. First off, I am glad to see that Marvel has opted to cast Dawson as someone other than Elektra; Dawson is a good actress and will likely have little trouble making the Night Nurse character interesting to viewers. In fact she might even end up becoming a cross-over character in the Marvel cinematic Universe. I am glad that Marvel has decided not to rush the Elektra character into the TV series right at the start since there will be enough going on with the characters already included and they will need some time to establish their histories and backgrounds before Elektra shows up and grabs much of the screen time.

Also, by having the potential link to Luke Cage, Marvel has already set up some preliminary ‘connective tissue’ between two of its Netflix shows (Daredevil and Heroes For Hire). Of course by also having a link to the Bill Foster character, Marvel now has a natural way to also introduce the character of Goliath if it should so choose.

I can also see some comic book speculation in the near future on some minor key books. Claire Temple’s first appearance in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #2 (1972) as well as the first appearance of the Night Nurse character in The Night Nurse#1 (1972), and her first more recent appearance in The Pulse #9 (2005). A quick search on Ebay suggests that some of these might already be pricey while others are still relatively cheap – at least for now. However, once Daredevil hits Netflix, who knows?